Why Choose FinderSites?

At Apartment Finder we understand the unique challenges our customers face in lead generation and online marketing. That’s why for the past 30 years we’ve been the go-to partner for more than 12,000 leading apartment communities across the United States.

  • The Most Attractive Site Layouts Available

    Enjoy the look and feel of a custom-designed website without the high costs of an advertising agency engagement. You’ll be amazed at how beautifully your community will be represented online — and on all mobile devices!

    The Most Attractive Site Layouts Available
  • Mobile is never an afterthought…and we don’t charge you more to support it!

    Two-thirds of your prospective residents will use a mobile device to find an apartment. The FinderSites solution is optimized using “responsive design” – the gold standard in site development and search engine optimization. On any device – from the smallest smart phone to the largest desktop monitor, your community site will render beautifully and work hard for you. Best of all, there is no need for a separate mobile site (a dated approach for community sites) or the hidden fees and extra site management that go along with one.

    Mobile is never an afterthought…and we don’t charge you more to support it!
  • Search Engine Optimization from the Industry Leaders

    Search Engine Optimization from the Industry Leaders

    As part of our standard package, you’ll benefit from a search engine optimization (SEO) program developed by the team from ApartmentFinder.com – a group that ranks among the most experienced in the highly-competitive multi-family space. We’ll work with you to understand your local goals and what really helps sell prospective residents on your community. Our team does the rest — from writing compelling copy about your neighborhood, nearby employers and landmarks to the technical processes that help you climb to the top of Google searches.


  • It’s easy to switch

    It’s easy to switch

    The process of building a new site with FinderSites or transitioning an existing site to our platform cannot be easier. Our dedicated support team does the heavy lifting for you. We’ll utilize your existing domain (so your search engine rank quickly grows); refresh and enhance existing copy; and keep or update any images, floor plans or photos you like from your old site.


  • Competitively Priced…And best of all, there are no up-front fees!

    With our standard one-year agreement, there are no setup or launch fees!

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